Create The Perfect Holiday Memory Box


I love getting holiday cards, but what do you do with them all after the holidays? I like saving them so I can look back at all the pictures and warm messages from my friends and family. Ziploc® holiday containers are great for storing holiday cards and other keepsakes. I love to make them really festive so I can even display them during the season and take everybody down Memory Lane!

For this project, I began by adding a decorative handle on the lid. I used a 3” drawer pull that you can get at any hardware or décor store. The holes were easy to drill through the lid. It’s a good idea to reinforce the underside – I used a 2.6” x 5.3” wood rectangle, which I spray painted red to match the lid color.

DESIGN NOTE: The screws that come with the drawer pull will be too long, so purchase ½” screws separately to accommodate the appropriate thickness of lid and wood rectangle.

With the decorative handle in place, you can start embellishing the outside of the container and lid with festive stickers and ribbons. This is where your entire family can pitch in to personalize their own containers in many different styles! Finish off your holiday memory box with a frame ornament so you can label it with the year.

Grow your collection of holiday keepsakes each year with a new personalized Ziploc® holiday container!


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