BEFORE & AFTER: Home Office for Dad

BEFORE & AFTER: Home Office for Dad


A home office is as essential nowadays as a living or dining room. Many homeowners either work from home or need a dedicated area to simply pay bills or log onto the computer. The original layout and style in this home office didn’t work for dad. The furniture was dark and dated, and having an L-shaped desk in the center took up a lot of space. Not to mention that at one point, the room itself became a storage/catch-all space.

The plan was to make the room functional again and update the style. I began with a modular desk system that looks custom-built for the room. By lining up the desk and bookcases on one wall, the room now appears bigger. I also chose two different colors for the base cabinets and upper bookcase piers to make a design statement.

With the extra space gained, I was able to add a comfy chair and ottoman in the corner for not only working/studying, but also for reading and relaxing. The new color scheme of white, gray and a light blue reflect a serene ambience, which also enhances productivity.

The new home office is now organized and stylish! It’s a great gift idea for dad this Father’s Day that he can enjoy year-round. The perk is the entire family can enjoy the room, too!