Get Organized for 2018


A New Year means new resolutions and if clutter has been taking over a spare bedroom, it’s time to take back control in 2018! The makeover featured was in a small, two-bedroom apartment, and since storage was limited, it seemed the second bedroom became the catch-all room – or as I affectionately called it when I saw it, the landfill. Astonishingly, the husband still worked from home in this space on a corner desk. Does this remind you of any room in your own home? 

Before any of the decorating can begin, my suggestion is to clear out the room and begin to take inventory of what you need and don’t need anymore. This is a perfect opportunity to start with a clean slate and divide the items into piles: keep, donate, trash. If you haven’t used the item in over a year, it’s a good sign you don’t need it anymore taking up valuable space in your home; if it’s in good condition, it’s best to donate it because it may also be tax deductible.

No matter the size of the room, space planning is key to maximize the square footage. The goal here was to divide the room into different areas depending on the task at hand.  I kept the corner desk as the work zone, but defined the space with a bookcase placed perpendicular the wall. On the opposite side, I created a seating area with a comfy chair and side table with lamp.  By painting the exposed back panel of the bookcase an accent color, it became a wall partition where I could even hang artwork. Clever idea, right?

The same bookcase style was used horizontally, which became useful as a dresser and/or console with the addition of drawers and doors. This type of modular bookcases are relatively inexpensive and can be used in a multitude of ways. I separated this area visually with an adhesive wallpaper to add a graphic element in the room. If you’re renting, this a good option to personalize a space without the commitment.

Finally, an area rug, shelving, window treatments and accessories completed the décor and turned this “landfill” into a useable room.  Ironically, it has more furniture than before, but by defining the spaces and, most importantly, organizing everything, the room even looks bigger! With the clutter in check, now you can focus on other New Year goals to live the best life possible.