A Room Without Walls


Room Without Walls BeforeSpring is when we begin enjoying our outdoor spaces more often.  How does your look?  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a backyard, terrace or even a balcony … if it’s empty, then you’re truly not maximizing your living space.   

With some simple tips, you can create a “room without walls” by implementing the same principles of design that you follow indoors.      

First, determine its function.  Do you want a place to sit?  A place to eat?  Maybe a combination of both.  Once you determine your needs, then find outdoor furniture for that very purpose.  There is a wide array of furniture style and selection … from imitation wicker, wrought iron and wood.  They all look great! 

The concept is to create the look of a living room outside, so purchase a set that includes a sofa, couple of chairs, coffee table, even a lounger.  Choose fabrics that are weather resistant, too.   If you don’t have the space for too many pieces, a bench or a small bistro table will look just as nice.  To complete the picture, I love using outdoor area rugs for a cozier setting and to help ground the seating arrangement.      

Room Without Walls AfterPlants are a must, too, so even if you don’t have a green thumb, use palms and trees to add a touch of green in your patio.  You can’t have an outdoor oasis without surrounding yourself with natural plants.  They also help soften the look of the hardscape such as concrete and tile floors.  Choose pots and containers with lots of color to brighten the space and group them in clusters for more impact. 

The finishing touches include a patio umbrella, not only for shade, but to reflect a resort-like feel; candles placed inside hurricane sconces, so the wind doesn’t blow the flame out; and if possible, a water feature such as a table or wall fountain.  Nothing beats the relaxing sound of trickling water!    

All these elements combined will help you create the perfect outdoor oasis to enjoy all season long.