Bathroom Facelift Ideas For Less

MARCH 1ST, 2016

Bathroom BeforeThe romance continues around the home as I share ideas on how to turn a dated bathroom into a relaxing and soothing spa retreat. Bubble bath anyone?

If you have boring, white laminate cabinets and/or you’re not too crazy about the color of the existing countertops either, then it’s time to fool the eye by highlighting the good, and giving the ugly a facelift!

Bathroom AfterAn inexpensive solution for cabinets is to take fabric or wallpaper and create panel inserts on the doors. In the photo, I used $1.00 beach mats – I’m not kidding – to reflect an island style with its reed texture. Later, I finished off the edges with wood trim, stain, and added new decorative knobs on the drawers. It’s that easy to give your cabinets a new look without breaking the bank.

Another idea for those frameless and generic wall mirrors is to take baseboard molding or fluted wood trim and create an actual frame to make them look more elegant. It’s easy to apply with Liquid Nails and double-sided, adhesive tape (super duty) and you can stain or paint the frame to your liking. The trick to give it a professional finish is to take the extra step and paint the back of the wood moldings in black before installing them to avoid reflecting an unfinished edge once you lay them on the mirror surface.

Finally, roll up bath towels inside baskets, buy a comfortable robe, light lots of candles, and don’t forget to add scented gels to your bubble bath for the ultimate spa experience! Take some time to pamper yourself … you deserve it!