I think there’s no arguing new parents LOVE taking photos of their baby almost every day.  And I totally understand that you want to capture every moment of their first year whenever possible because it can go by so fast.   As a decorator, my challenge is, “what to do with so many photos of their precious little one?” 

What I came up with is a photo wall that documents the baby’s first year in stages.  It was inspired by the concept of a growth chart, which is used to keep track of their height as they grow up and become a toddler.  This installation can become a beautiful feature wall in the nursery and is very simple to do on a low budget.

Begin by going to your craft store and purchasing 12 unfinished, wood photo frames (one for every month of the year) for only $1.00 each.  They come in many shapes and you can paint them to coordinate with the nursery’s color scheme.  Once painted, add on each frame border the numbers 1 thru 12 with foam cut-outs and any other crafty embellishment you wish that ties in to the room’s theme to create a custom look.  Finally, hang the frames on the wall in numerical order and lean some on display shelves, too, because it allows you to place other collectibles that might have sentimental value next to the frame.  For example, if you took a photo of the baby’s 1st time at the beach, you can display sea shells you picked up that day next to the frame.   Makes the photo come to life!

All that’s left to do now is take a precious photo of your baby every month and display it in the corresponding frame.  For the future months that you don’t have a photo yet, place a sheet of scrapbooking paper in the frame with a coordinating pattern or color that, once again, matches your nursery’s theme.  The photo frame becomes wall art in the meantime. 

The best part is that once the first 12 months are filled, you can place the photos in an album and recycle the frames to still correspond with their birthday every year -- at least up until they become a teenager.