A Splash of Color


I often come across homeowners that are afraid of committing to a paint color in a room, so they decide to live with white walls instead. Another excuse I hear is they lack painting skills and they don’t want to spend the money to hire a painter either. So what do we do?

Well, I’m here to say that unless you have an ultra-modern style, I don’t recommend you leave your walls white … it can reflect a sterile and cold environment. The best thing you can do to overcome this decorating dilemma then is to paint only an accent grid in your room! 

One color as an accent on a single wall will make a world of difference in your space and it won’t take too much time or money as in most cases a quart of paint and 30 minutes will do. This is a great solution for renters, too, who wish to personalize their space without a permanent commitment. Often times they are forced to paint all the walls back to how they originally found it once they move, so it deters them from making their rental their own. 


In the makeover featured, this was precisely the case. The renters had nice furniture, but the living room still felt blah. I wanted to make the large wall behind the media console a focal point, so I taped off a 6 x 10 feet area (tool note: use a level to ensure a straight line). All that was left to do was roll on the paint … it gave the room an instant wow factor without too much work. Notice how I didn’t have to cut around the ceiling or baseboard with paint, which I know can be very intimidating for first-time painters. The grid just seems to float on the wall. I tied the new accent color with the accessories and now the living room has a brand new look for less!