Top Tips for the Design-Stymied

Top Tips for the Design-Stymied


1. Read décor magazines and books. Don’t be afraid to take magazine pages with you when you’re shopping, says Matt Falcone, the special sales manager and personal shopper for ABC Carpet & Home in Manhattan, N.Y.

2. Use every opportunity to develop your taste. Keep your eyes open. Watch a movie and see what the room colors are; see how the lamp is placed. Travel, go to museums.

3. Take a photo before you decide on a piece of large and/or expensive furniture. And always ask the dimensions of big furniture pieces before making a purchase.

4. If you’re attracted to a fad, whether it’s a Japanese paper lampshade or an ultra-comfy beanbag seats, buy the cheap version, so it doesn't matter if you grow out of it. Have it for one season, and save your money for the classic things.

5. Redo. Have furniture re-upholstered; add new lampshades; find new ways to use the objects you already own. Expand your imagination. Look at things twice. You may find the beauty in something you’ve dismissed.

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