Tool Time

Tool Time


Nuts and bolts are just the beginning for a home handywoman. While plumbing and electrical work are often assumed to be work reserved for men, DIY maven Bridget Bodoano, author of “The Little Book of Quick Fixes for the Home Handywoman” (Quadrille Publishing, 2007), encourages women to trade in the proverbial apron for the literal hard hat.

Educational and empowering without condescending, Bodoano uses a wealth of common sense, creativity and experience to break down the walls between the home and the garage, the outlet and the wires, and even the cabinets and the pipes.

Here are some of her top tips for getting started:

1 Make sure your toolbox is easily accessible.

2 Always put tools back in their box or bag once you have finished with them.

3 Always keep a pair of rubber gloves, safety goggles, a dust mask and some bandages in your toolbox.

4 Keep any instructions for use with the tool.

5 Buy a power drill that comes in a handy bag with storage for all its attachments.

6 Keep screwdriver sets and wrenches together in their original packaging or in a pocketed cloth roll.

7 For a safe and comfortable grip, always choose power tools that fit your hand size and are not too heavy.

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