Time to Shine

Time to Shine

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Open that refrigerator door in the showroom. The odds are high that LED lights will brighten its interior.

And LED lights aren’t illuminating only refrigerators. Outdoor barbecue grills, oven ranges and even toilet seats boast this highly efficient lighting. Manufacturers say it’s a trend that won’t end soon.

There’s a reason for this. Consumers like appliances equipped with LED lights. And these lights make these appliances more functional and attractive.

“When you’re on the shopping floor and you open the refrigerator door, it’s one of the key moments when you decide whether to buy brand A or brand B,” says Daniel de Cavalcanti, global lead for lighting at Whirlpool Corporation. “We are focusing on that at Whirlpool. What do consumers want to see when they open that refrigerator door? They want to see LED lights.”

LED lights provide a cleaner, clearer light than the old incandescent refrigerator bulbs, de Cavalcanti says. The lights also consume less energy and last longer. Consumers don’t have to replace them so quickly.

Sue Bailey, director of Go-To-Market at Viking Range Corporation, says that she’s seen the power of LED lights firsthand. The new range hood over her oven at home now has LED lighting. It throws off a brighter, whiter light, Bailey says. Her refrigerator, too, is equipped with LED lights. The difference, she says, is significant.

“On my hood, it is so much easier to cook with the LED lights shining down on the oven surface,” Bailey says. “It’s just a whiter light. My cooking surface is better illuminated. It’s the same with my refrigerator. All refrigerators seem bright until they’re loaded with food. The food blocks the light and you realize how important it is to have that bright light. It certainly helps me.”

Where are LED lights showing up today? Here’s a quick look:


Refrigerators are a perfect fit for LED lights, especially for those who like to snack at night when the kitchen lights are off. The Jenn-Air Obsidian will be one of the most notable LED-illuminated refrigerators. Debuting in October, this refrigerator boasts a striking black interior illuminated by crisp LED lighting.


You might not think you need LED lights in your clothes dryer. But these bright lights make perfect sense, especially if your dryer is located in a dark basement. The brighter light makes it easier to see what’s in your dryer’s drum. Maytag Maxima models for 2014 come equipped with LED lights for this reason.

Washing machines

If dryers are equipped with LED lights, it makes sense that washers should boast the feature, too. And many newer models do have drums illuminated by LED lights. Again, many Maytag Maxima models are using LED lights to give consumers a clearer view into their washing machines.

Outdoor grills

Warmer weather means outdoor grilling. But what if you want some barbecue chicken or grilled burgers late in the evening? Many of today’s outdoor grills come with controls illuminated by LED lights. This makes it easy to operate your grill even after your neighbors have gone to sleep. The Viking Professional Outdoor 5 series grills boast this LED feature.


We tend to ignore our toilets, but it’s one important appliance. That’s why it’s little surprise that LED tech has now come to the humble commode. Kohler has unveiled its Nightlight toilet seats, seats illuminated – in the nighttime hours – by blue LED light. The point is to get you to your toilet seat safely when you’re stumbling down the hall in the middle of the night. You won’t even have to turn on the bathroom light – never good for sleep-bleary eyes – once you get there. You can program the LED light to turn on at the same time every night and turn off at the same hour each morning.

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