The Other Side of Chalk

The Other Side of Chalk

Worried that chalkboard paint might mess up the aesthetic of your home?

"Chalkboard paint … doesn’t clean up as pristine as the manmade surface – there will be some residual matter no matter how many times you wash it because porosity of wall," says interior designer Lisa Ewing, Ewing Design Group, Chicago. “Whereas if you have a chalkboard panel, the porosity doesn't exist ... I now know to let clients know that there is a difference between a manmade chalkboard and chalkboard paint. It is a matter of personal preference whether they can live with some smearing and imperfect conditions or not.”

Though Ewing used chalkboard paint in her own home, she says chalkboard panels offer the same fun for those seeking a spotless cleanup.

"In more formal houses, you’re going to see chalkboards framed in a frame," she says. "You can also use refrigerator panels or even kitchen cabinet doors and still have the formality. It’s like lyrical graffiti."

Ewing says she has put a chalkboard in countless kitchens she has designed in the past 15 years because she is inspired by the fun and youthful feelings the boards bring. "It encourages people to leave a message and kids to color on the wall," she says. "It's healthy - it reminds you of childhood, serves a lot of purposes and brings back good memories."


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