The Latest Above-Ground Pool Options

The Latest Above-Ground Pool Options

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Swimming is still the No. 1 activity for children ages 7 to 17, and the market ranges from plastic wader pools to high-end, custom in-ground pools.

For families on a budget, above-ground pools are a good entry into pool ownership, says Marvin Natareno, marketing manager for Intex North America. Total retail sales across all brands in the United States is an estimated $600 million.

“It’s a great alternative for the kids to be outside in the summer at a very reasonable rate,” he says. “For $200, you have it up the whole summer, your kids can enjoy it all summer.”

Intex continues to expand its color, size, frame and price point options, offering a basic pool starting at $60 to ultra frame, saltwater systems from $250 to $1,000, he said. Intex now has a square pool, which provides a better swimming experience because there is more water in square pools and it fits better with most backyard layouts.

“An above-ground pool is a good way to test it out, basically to get the kids outside,” he explains. “If you’re not able to afford the $30,000 to $40,000 (in-ground), we have pools that help you grow, we have bigger pools that are 24 to 26 feet.”

Besides making them easier to assemble – most take an hour or two to set up – manufacturers are improving the filtration systems. Intex has developed Hydro Aeration Technology, which helps improve circulation and filtration, water clarity and color, and increases negative ions at the water’s surface. They still require chlorine and other chemicals and vacuuming, and need to be drained and stored for the winter in harsher climates.

“It blows bubbles into the pool and it helps to filter out the pool water a lot faster,” he said of the technology. “It stays a lot crisper and cleaner.”

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