The Dish On Table Settings

The Dish On Table Settings

One of the best parts of the holidays is to entertain guests with a table full of good food and a room full of great company. But what’s placed underneath the spread of tasty cuisine is often overlooked and underutilized.

“I think expressing your own personal style through your table setting is a wonderful thing to do,” says Alex Papachristidis, interior decorator. “You can be a little more imaginative with your table and have fun with it. I think that’s what makes them stylish.”

Just like the food is a feast for your guests’ palate, the table setting is a feast for their eyes. And if done correctly, the layout can leave an impression that lasts long after the final crumbs.

Here are six modern trends that you can incorporate into your table setting this season:

1. Go for an all-natural motif

Take inspiration from Mother Nature for your table. Rather than just a simple vase of flowers on your table-scape, utilize branches, shells or topiaries for a fresh look.

“I’m seeing a big trend of a return to natural,” says Susan Brinson, photographer and co-author of House of Brinson lifestyle blog. “A lot the ceramic and place settings are very tactile, a lot of imperfect shapes and really beautiful colors inspired by nature.”

2. Mix and match for instant style

One china pattern or matching dish sets are things of the past.

“Mix and match it so that it looks collected and looks timeless and doesn’t feel like your grandmother’s set of dishes,” Papachristidis says.

Give your table an effortlessly eclectic look by mixing together modern and antique pieces with different patterns and styles.

3. Shake things up with shapes

Break the traditional tableware mold with unusual shapes. Plates don’t have to be just circles or squares – teardrops, uneven edges and asymmetrical designs add an unexpected flair to the meal. Even flatware can get a facelift with striking curves or unique textures.

4. Add gold for a little shimmer and shine

Whether it’s a touch of shine along glass rims or an entire runner diving your table with a river of gold, the metallic shade is a classy and rich touch to any tabletop design. Brinson recommends incorporating gold in your flatware.

“I’m seeing lots and lots of gold flatware, whether it’s vintage or new. Some are more expensive than others depending upon if you want real gold or if you just want a gold finish,” Brinson says.

5. Make it pop with patterns

Clean, solid-color dishware has been popular for years, but patterned plates are making a comeback. You can go for a classic floral, pick a preppy set of stripes, or be bold with an animal print. No matter your style, there’s a pattern to help you express it.

6. Put your signature on it

Monogrammed napkins may seem like an old school or stuffy tradition, but a set of initials is a simple way to add a personal touch to your table-scape. They are the perfect flourish of a signature on the dotted line.

Overall, a table setting should be fun, functional, and reflect your personality. It’s an opportunity to bring people together for a delicious and entertaining meal.

“The most important thing about table setting is to be a gracious host,” says Papachristidis. “Never make the table setting more important than the guests no matter how formal or not. It’s about hospitality and welcoming people into your house.”


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