The Baby Room’s on a Budget

The Baby Room’s on a Budget


Simplicity: A crib, a changing surface and a rocker, above, are about all you need for a baby room. Remember, the room is for sleeping and playing.

Congratulations – you’re going to be a new parent. We’re sure you, like everyone, is tempted to spend whatever it takes to achieve absolute cuteness when furnishing and decorating a nursery. But you don’t have to spend a bundle. Here’s how to make it cuddly and sweet – without breaking the bank.

Go back to the basics.

You need a crib, something to change the baby on, and a rocking chair. That’s about it.

Notice that we didn’t say “changing table,” because any flat surface – as long as you have a changing pad – is fine, as long as it’s safe.

Create a budget.

“If you plan in advance, you won’t be as prone to impulse buys,” says Brette McWhorter Sember, author of “Your Practical Pregnancy Planner” (McGraw-Hill, 2005). “Plan out exactly what you need and how much you have to spend on it. Don’t forget you have other expenses during pregnancy to budget for, including medical costs, childbirth classes, maternity clothes, parenting books, diapers and more.”

Don’t forget that you don’t have to actually purchase everything.

Or if you do, get it used. It’s a waste to buy brand new furniture, since kids grow out of it so fast. Head to tag sales, garage sales and estate sales for gently used furniture that can be sanded and repainted with non-toxic paint.

Have fun with colors

Painting is the cheapest way to decorate. Plus, if you use more fun colors, your child still might like it when he grows up. So what colors are “in?”

Since it’s fall, check out olive green, dark grey and solid browns for boys. For girls, chocolate brown with light pink is popular. Some designers urge parents to be bold with orange or bright green.

When you’re painting, get creative. Stencil, use stripes, or paint a mural.

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