Sleep Like Royalty

Sleep Like Royalty

Sometimes, bigger really is better – at least when it comes to beds. A king sized bed may just be the key to getting the royally great sleep you’ve always dreamed of.

One major culprit of poor sleep? Pain, especially in the back, shoulder and leg regions. Twenty-four percent of consumers say pain relief is one of the most important features they are looking for in a new sleep set according to consumer research conducted by Furniture/Today and its research partner, Apartment Therapy.

Approximately one-third of your lifetime is spent asleep, so why would you settle for a bed that keeps you up at night, tossing and turning and disturbing your partner for hours?

A king sized bed can help by giving couples more room. A standard full size bed (54 in x 75 in) only gives each person a few inches of personal space. A king sized bed (76 in x 80 in.), on the other hand, gives each person the equivalent of their own twin-sized bed.

Those extra inches can make a world of difference. Not only do you not have to worry about tumbling off the edge when your partner turns, but there are countless health benefits for anyone recovering from an injury or suffering from chronic pain.

Some of the other health benefits of a king sized bed include:

  • relieves stress on pressure points;
  • allows for proper neck alignment, thus reducing vertebrae pressure and nerve contusions;
  • alleviates frozen shoulder syndrome; and
  • doesn’t compress respiratory system, making breathing easier.

This extra room also makes a king sized bed the best choice for families with young kids or pets. In a bigger bed, everyone can snuggle together for a picture-perfect lazy breakfast in bed or movie night in mom and dad’s room.

In addition to the numerous health benefits, king sized beds are also a great way to enhance your bedroom’s overall look. An upgrade in size doesn’t mean that you have to compromise style. The bed is the star of every bedroom, so it should be a showstopper.

King-sized beds come in a variety of designs from modern and sleek, to romantic canopies, to classically ornate. But they all have one thing in common – they make a bold statement of luxury, comfort, and style.

Even if your room isn’t the size of a royal bed chamber, a king sized bed can still seamlessly work in smaller rooms. In fact, they are the ideal size for under bed storage, and many models come with built in drawers.

So if you’re lying awake tonight, cramped and uncomfortable next to your partner, perhaps it’s time to upgrade to a bed fit for a king.


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