Sit, Sleep, Repeat

Sit, Sleep, Repeat

Sleeper sofas have gotten a bad rap over the years. Think sleeper sofa and the word "outdated" comes to mind. Fortunately, that's not the case anymore. Once a frumpy, uncomfortable remnant of college days past, the modern sleeper sofa is more stylish than ever before. Get the scoop on the latest sleeper sofa trends that will transform your living room.

All-Day Comfort

The contemporary sleeper sofa is designed for lasting comfort. No longer just a staple for overnight guests, a sleeper sofa should be cozy enough for all-day lounging.

"Today's sleeper sofa has evolved from a crash pad for one night to a primary sleep surface that can be used night after night," says Natalie Quinn, upholstery and merchandise manager for Room & Board, Minneapolis, Minnesota. "The modern sleeper sofa offers comfortable seating features that you would expect to see on a standard sofa like plump loose seat and back cushions that allow you to sink in."

A good sleeper sofa will make you want to indulge in a nap no matter what time it is.

"We've definitely gone far beyond futons, thanks to advances in technology and craftsmanship," says Mitchell Gold of Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams, Taylorsville, North Carolina. "We want our sleep sofas to be as close to a bed as possible."

No-Fuss Set-Up

One of the most frustrating aspects of a sleeper sofa used to be the awkward setup. But great feats of strength are no longer required to pull out the inner mattress. The newest sleeper sofas have simple-to-use buttons, levers and other instruments that take the pain out of the process and make for safer installation. Plus, they don't have a clunky, mechanical look.

"Innovative mechanisms allow for easier set-up," Quinn says. Now, "you don't have to sacrifice style for function."

Neutral Colors

When choosing a color for your sleeper sofa, it's hard to go wrong with solid neutral hues like black, brown and beige. Not only do these colors blend well into most spaces, but they also complement more eye-popping elements in a room.

"When buying a key piece of furniture like a sleep sofa, we often go with something neutral as far as color and pattern go," Bob Williams says. "This way you can easily update a room by changing the elements around it, from new pillows and a throw to a different rug or a special accent chair in a rich color or eye-catching pattern."

Soft Materials

Even if a sleeper sofa looks elegant, you won't be able to enjoy it if the material is rough to the touch. Since it's a piece of furniture that's made for both sitting and sleeping, it's important to choose a sleeper sofa upholstered in high-quality material. Williams recommends velvet or chenille upholstery, both of which have a luxurious look and feel. But if pets or kids climb on the furniture, consider a sleeper cover that can be easily cleaned.

"Our most popular sleeper covers are performance-based, easy to care for fabrics that are made of synthetic fibers like microfibers," Quinn says.


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