Kitchen In the Corner

Kitchen In the Corner

The corner kitchen cabinet is one of the peskiest features in any home. It’s awkward, under-utilized and just plain frustrating. What’s a homeowner to do besides haphazardly stuffing it with pots and pans? Try these clever options to make the most of this tricky space.

Give It a Purpose

Decide what function your corner cabinet will serve. Do you need more space for baking sheets? Room for kitchen cleaning supplies? Give your cabinet a specific designation to avoid creating a hodgepodge of items. And remember, there’s no rule about using your corner cabinet for strictly kitchen purposes. This space can serve as the perfect spot for a small wine rack or tool kit.

Keep It Neat

Maximize all possible space by keeping items in the cabinet stacked and sorted for easy identification and retrieval. Insert hanging wire baskets or even magazine filing boxes for optimal organization. One of the most tried-and-true corner cabinet savers is the Lazy Susan, which makes spice and canister storage a snap.

“The most difficult part is access,” says Ashley Steinkohl, director of kitchen and bath design at Knockout Renovation, New York City. So keep the most important items toward the front and code them if needed.

Use Every Last Inch

Fortunately, some products are designed to fit cumbersome corners. If it looks like you’ve run out of space, you probably haven’t considered all the possibilities. Opt for gadgets that will increase the amount of available space without expanding the cabinet itself. Attach hooks to the inside of the door to hang dishtowels or recycled shopping bags. A pricier but extremely efficient option is to install V-shaped drawers in the cabinet for additional cutlery and other kitchenware.


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