Keep It Clean

Keep It Clean

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Before they wed, Debbie Wiener's husband came right out and told her that he was a slob. But it wasn't until she caught him using the draperies as a napkin that she realized her skills were being put to the ultimate test. Wiener, an interior designer, set out to refurnish and redecorate their home to be totally slob-proof yet stylish.

Although Wiener chose colors that would hide dirt and spills, she need not have done so. That's because she eventually partnered with Crypton, a performance fabric manufacturer, to create a stain-resistant, antimicrobial line of furniture called Slobproof!, which kills and inhibits the growth of germs.

The upholstery contains a moisture barrier that prevents liquids from penetrating the fabric and ruining the cushion. In addition to performance fabric, the furniture has design features to help it stay clean.

"All the cushions have tie-downs so kids can't take them off to build forts," says Wiener, who reside in Washington, D.C.

None of the sofas or chairs have skirts at the base, because that's where dirty shoes dangle and pets rub up against, she adds. The line consists of living room seating and dining chairs. Crypton also has a sleeper sofa line with American Leather.

"There are fabrics today that are amazing and do all kinds of cool things," says Randy Rubin, co-creator of Crypton.

For sofas and chairs, consumers generally need to buy performance fabrics from a designer showroom or a retailer like Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft, and have the furniture custom-ordered. Because performance fabric costs more than regular fabric, as of now major furniture manufacturers tend not to use them, Rubin says, though microfiber is making quite the name for itself. On average, Crypton costs about $4.50 more per yard than non-performance fabric, she says.

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