How to Size All-Weather Rugs

How to Size All-Weather Rugs

blog-image Colorful, Strong patterns work well for outdoor rugs. Bold stripes and Bohemian patterns are two top trends.

The good news about outdoor rugs? They’re pretty much foolproof. Thanks to synthetic fibers, such as polypropylene, and acrylic and U.V. inhibitors, they resist moisture, stains and fading. And at a cost of $100 to $400, they’re less costly than their pampered indoor-only cousins.

With some protection from the elements and a little TLC from you, an outdoor rug can last from 1 to 5 years, according to rug maker Surya.

Choosing one that best complements your style and sets the stage for a great conversational grouping of furniture could be the biggest challenge. Keep in mind these tips:

• Choose a rug that’s big enough to accommodate all the pieces of furniture in a conversational group, either on the rug or close to it, according to your preference.

• With a large rug, you can “float” all the furniture in the center. Leave 12 to 18 inches of exposed floor to create a border around the rug, equal on all sides if possible.

• Show off a rug that has a border by leaving some space between the rug and any furniture.

• Place the front legs of the sofa or largest seat on the rug; the back legs can be on or off the rug as you choose. Leave 18 to 24 inches between the wall and rug, creating a border of exposed floor that frames the arrangement – equal on all four sides, if possible

• Covering an entire outdoor seating area? Allow 18 to 24 inches of floor around the rug.

• Under a round dining table, round rugs look best. Under a rectangular table, go with a rectangle. The rug should be sized about 2 feet wider than the table, so that the chair legs remain on the rug when pulling out a chair to sit down.

• Outdoor rugs are available in all colors, styles and patterns. Take a cue from the style of your home or patio to narrow your search, and find the most complementary rug.

• If you’re working with solid color outdoor furniture, go for a bold rug design. With patterned furnishings, look for a quieter rug.

• In cold climates, store your rug during winter.

• Roll it up; never fold an outdoor rug

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