How to Decorate With Baskets

How to Decorate With Baskets


If you prefer something other than plastic bins for storage purposes, look to baskets. They can hold everything from art supplies to blankets to paper goods. But they’re not just functional – baskets add an element of natural beauty to a space and complement the décor, too.

Why Baskets Are So Popular

Baskets in some form or another have been around since the beginning of time and have remained consistently popular. What’s the appeal? “Baskets are not only useful but great decorative elements,” says New York City’s Ashley Darryl, founder and owner of her namesake design firm. “They bring texture and warmth to a space, and there’s an informality about them that makes a space feel inviting.”

Best Uses

They can be useful in every room, from the attic to the basement. In the kitchen, various sizes can be used as decorative elements on top of cabinets; smaller baskets can hold potted herbs. In the bathroom, they make the perfect holder for towels and toiletries or as a trashcan. In the living room, matching baskets can be placed on shelves to store remote controls and magazines. In a home office, they can be the go-to place for papers and desk supplies replacing a sterile metal file cabinet. In a kid’s room or playroom, baskets can be put on low shelves, designating one for cars, another for coloring books and crayons, etc., which makes it easy for even young children to help clean up. Shallow baskets also come in handy when you’re having a barbecue – they make a convenient place to store eating utensils and napkins.

Working With Your Décor

Since they’re available in many sizes, shapes, colors, materials and styles, baskets can work with any look. But certain styles look better in certain types of décor. “In a modern, minimalist home, I’d place tightly woven Native American baskets on a shelving unit as decorative elements,” Darryl says. “In a more traditional home, I’d layer the space more and use large braided wicker and seagrass baskets to not only add texture but also hold goods like blankets and wood.”

If you plan on using multiple baskets in a room, keep the look cohesive. “I prefer different sizes in the same space so my eye is brought up and down through the various heights,” Darryl says. “The materials can be different but they need to coordinate with one another.”

Baskets come in a big variety of materials, including rattan, wicker, sisal and seagrass.

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