Quiz: How Does Your Garden Grow?

Quiz: How Does Your Garden Grow?

1. How many different types of plants exist on earth?

A. 300,000

B. 3 million

C. 30 million


2. A rain garden is:

A. A collection of plants that thrive in rainy, damp conditions

B. A stone or plastic pool to collect rain water

C. A depression planted with native plants, designed to absorb rain runoff


3. Which of the following should not be composted:

A. Sawdust

B. Peatmoss

C. Straw

D. Dryer lint

E. Hair


4. Which of these plants is a succulent?

A. Crocus

B. Strawberries

C. Sedum


5. What is an organic seed?

A. All seeds are organic by definition

B. Seeds harvested from plants that are grown organically, without synthetic fertilizer and pesticides

C. Seeds grown naturally on plants in fields, rather than in greenhouses


6. Organic seed must be grown on land that has had no contact with prohibited substances for:

A. 2 years

B. 3 years

C. 4 years

D. 5 years


7. What’s the best way to mulch a new tree or shrub?

A. Apply no more than two inches of mulch in a two-foot circle around the plant, keeping it a few inches away from the trunk

B. Pile the mulch deep, up to twelve inches, and bring it right up to the trunk


8. A biennial plant is:

A. A plant with a two-year life cycle that grows roots, stems and leaves in year one and blooms in year two

B. A plant that dates back 200 years, to the adoption of the Declaration of Independence

C. A plant stem that divides into two parts as it grows


9. “Deadheading” refers to:

A. Reviving the 1970s-era garden favorites of the Grateful Dead

B. Pinching off dead blossoms on a plant so it will bloom more profusely

C. A process for eliminating invasive weeds


10: The United Nations declared 2011 as International Year of:

A. Forests

B. Oceans




1 - A

2 - C

3 - They are all compostable

4 - C

5 - B

6 - B

7 - A

8 - A

9 - B

10 – A


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