Hotel-inspired Dreams

Hotel-inspired Dreams

Hotel-inspired Dreams

No room in the house is more important to feel comfortable in than the bedroom. And now more than ever, the comforts of a luxury hotel bedroom can be bought – and brought – into your home, says Trisha Wilson, president and CEO of Wilson Associates, an international design firm with offices around the world, including Dallas, New York and Singapore. Her firm has designed and installed more than 1 million guest rooms in thousands of hotels worldwide.

"We are seeing home owners who purchase branded linens or bedding, even mattresses from the hotel group brand," Wilson says.

Deborah Lloyd Forrest, FASID, principal, at Dallas-based ForrestPerkins, observes, "A practical trend at many luxury hotels is covering the entire bed with white-on-white sateen striped sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers, adding a colorful throw and a few decorative pillows to coordinate with the room décor.

"You can adopt the trend to save a bit of money and to create a fresh, clean look, particularly for summer."

Nothing enhances the sense of luxury and exquisite comfort like a stack of fluffy down pillows, says Forrest, who is also writing a book on incorporating hotel design into the home.

"At the hotels we design, we stack standard-size pillows two high and two across on a queen bed and three across on a king," she says. "I prefer standard-size pillows because I find queen and king-sized pillows difficult to manage and difficult to scrunch up to create the perfect shape."

To make the bed more inviting, Forrest suggests mounting it on a high bed frame or base. Her firm typically uses a seven- to 10-inch high frame, which puts the bed about 29 inches from the floor, depending upon the thickness of the mattress.

"Climbing into a high bed is half the fun, and you will love surveying your domain from a new perspective," Forrest says. Even little rituals before bedtime can enhance your enjoyment of your home.

Says Forrest: "Each night before you brush your teeth or take your bath, lift up the pillows, fold the covers back at a 45-degree angle, and your turned-down bed will await you, reminding you of a stay at your favorite luxury hotel."

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