Homeowners Get ‘Smart’

Homeowners Get ‘Smart’

Smart home devices (such as Google Home, shown above) and smart appliances are in high demand – 86 percent of parents say their next appliance purchase will have network-connected technology. Google

Smart home technologies are on the rise. According to a recently released report, most homeowners (69 percent) are at least familiar with the concept. Two-thirds of homeowners (66 percent) and four in five parents (86 percent) think it’s likely that their next appliance purchase will contain network-connected technologies. In addition, 45 percent of homeowners stated that their home is already “smart.”

The report was organized and released by Whirlpool, the world’s largest appliance manufacturer. The results came from an online survey of 1,000 representative individuals across the U.S.

Smart appliances mean they can be controlled remotely. This includes being able to turn the appliance on or off, see its status, or make adjustments to its performance while somewhere other than at home. “Eighty-four percent of parents agree that smart appliances are a solution, and 80 percent of parents agree that smart technology frees up time to connect to other things – like family,” says Ryan Morand, Whirlpool’s senior brand manager.

Survey respondents indicated they want appliances with a streamlined, modern look that includes advanced technology features that don’t overpower. A simple interface and easy controls were cited by 91 percent of respondents. In addition, 79 percent of respondents indicated a belief that all appliances will eventually be smart. However, survey respondents also rated construction quality, ease of use, and design as top priorities.

Nearly a quarter of those surveyed indicated that they’re unwilling to spend more money for a smart appliance versus a conventional one. A third are willing to spend on five to 15 percent more on a smart appliance compared to a conventional appliance.

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