Home Decorating Is Easy With the Right App

Home Decorating Is Easy With the Right App

blog-image HGTV’s Design Home app allows you to flex your decorating muscle by designing different room styles with real furniture, much of which is available for purchase through the app.

No matter what your need or desire, there’s a decorating app made for you. Maybe you’re someone who has trouble visualizing how a certain piece of furniture will look in your living room – will it complement the other furnishings? Does it have the right proportions? Or maybe you avoid painting your interior rooms anything but off-white – a clean but safe choice – because color scares you. Or do you love decorating, whether it’s a Caribbean beach bungalow or a city high-rise. So what if it’s only virtual? Here are three apps worth checking out.


This new app uses 3D imaging to recreate your bedroom, living room, or dining room with suggested furnishings scaled to the room so you can see how it all fits together. After taking a visual quiz where you choose which decorated rooms and furnishings appeal to you the most, Modsy figures out your personal design style. They get very specific, such as Mid-century Chic (a combo of mid-century modern and Hollywood glam) or Rustic Warmth.

When you’re ready to start a project, upload photos of your chosen room, give your budget and Modsy will build a 3D model with a 360-degree room visualization. For the basic $69 package, they’ll also provide two custom designs in your style and links to featured merchandise from companies like Pottery Barn and Anthropologie. For additional fees, you can incorporate a product you already own to the 3D model or talk one-on-one to a stylist.

ColorSmart by Behr

This recently updated app offers DIYers help with home projects. If you want a preview of how a certain color would look in your country casual bedroom, for example, the app offers photos of that color in that style. Want to paint a room the same hue it currently is but don’t know its name? The Color Match feature lets you upload a photo – say, of your bathroom wall – and it instantly finds a hue that’s similar. Then it takes things a step further by offering coordinating warm and cool palettes, which can drive the rest of your color choices for the bathroom. It’s like having a designer at your fingertips!

Design Home

If you’re a connoisseur of “Fixer Upper,” “Property Brothers” or one of the other countless home renovation shows on HGTV, you’ll want to check out the network’s free interior design gaming app, which was introduced last year and quickly developed a passionate following. Players decorate rooms in different settings (New York Brownstone, Romantic Southern Cottage) with furniture from real high-end companies like Design Within Reach. (The furniture can also be bought – for real – from within the app.) You can earn points and win virtual prizes, like an Eames chair, by voting on your fellow designers’ decorating style or by taking part in challenges. Think “Survivor” but with ottomans.

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