Here Come’s Baby

Here Come’s Baby

You’re pregnant and on a mission: to set up the perfect room for your baby. You want it to be comfortable for him from newborn through the toddler years and beyond. Here are some helpful hints on flooring, wall colors, lighting, and more.

1. Lay down a rug on a wood floor

Think ahead to when your baby is learning to crawl, sit up, and stand. If he falls over, a rug will cushion him. “The rug shouldn’t be super plush because it will collects dust,” Suzanne Hassler, an interior design consultant who owns Form and Finish, in South Orange, New Jersey. It may also be a choking hazard. She suggests a dense wool with a tight weave. Avoid sisal, which would be irritating to your little one’s tender skin. “Wool is also generally easy to spot clean.”

Put a nonslip rubber pad underneath so it stays in place.

“If furniture is sitting on the rug, that will also help keep it in position,” Hassler says.

2. Position a short bookcase next to the glider

Not only is it a convenient place to store books you can easily grab at reading time, but if it’s about 36 inches high, you also can use the flat top to rest a bottle, package of wipes, and your phone. “If space is limited, have a basket for books on the floor,” Hassler says.

3. Install safe shades

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, corded window coverings cause a child to die from strangulation almost every month. The group recommends only cordless blinds and shades be installed in homes where young children live or visit. Major retailers offer hundreds of options, so it’s easy to get the size and color you need. Besides being cordless, the best blind or shade blocks out light, which will help your baby snooze better when it’s naptime.

4. Think beyond traditional decor

Instead of painting the baby’s room pink, blue, or yellow, many parents are taking their color cues from other rooms of their home. “The nursery should be an extension of how the rest of the house looks,” Hassler says. She likes the way a soft gray green or blue green wall color makes whatever artwork hanging really pop. “The walls aren’t the point,” she says. The room should have individual items that give it a custom look that’s not juvenile or matchy-matchy; for example, hang a print you love and built the rest of the décor around that. Or install a jumbo letter of your child’s first-name initial (there are tons of ideas on Pinterest).

5. Give your crib a set of wheels

When Grandma is staying over in the dual-purpose nursery/guest room, the crib needs to be easy to move out to another room. Get casters (wheels) that have a locking brake so that the crib and the baby stay put.

6. Turn on the right lighting

Good lighting is essential in every room and the nursery is no exception. Hassler recommends installing an overhead light that’s on a dimmer, which will come in handy when your baby is getting sleepy and you don’t want a bright light to wake him up. “I’d also wall-mount a plug-in sconce,” she says, “and avoid floor lamps.” Before long, babies become adventurous toddlers who touch everything.

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