Go Green In 2017

Go Green In 2017

Green is hot for 2017. Pantone chose “Greenery” for their Color of the Year, and the trend quickly has made its way into fashion and home decor. Why not inject a little green into your home’s decor by adding something living? From an unexpected houseplant to a crafty display, bringing nature into the home can brighten up the interior.

First of all, dispel the myth of the “green thumb.” Anyone can successfully raise a plant. “The first thing I say to everybody is, ‘There’s no such thing as a brown thumb,’” says Tovah Martin, author of “The Indestructible Houseplant: 200 Beautiful Plants That Everyone Can Grow” (Timber Press, 2015). “It’s about observing your plant.”

If you choose a plant you love, Martin says, you’re more likely to monitor and care for it.

“Don’t just settle for, ‘Oh gosh, this is all I can find at the checkout counter,’” she says.

For those who still are wary of their growing abilities, consider creating a project using flowers and plants that are already dead. Adding just one natural element, such as dried flowers, is enough to change a home, says Shane Powers, author of “Bring the Outdoors In: Garden Projects for Decorating and Styling Your Home” (Carlton, 2013).

For example, flowers and foliage from your own backyard can be pressed, or you can order them online. “You can sandwich them in between two pieces of glass, and there’s a nice tape from the hardware store you can seal them off with,” Powers says. “And it becomes beautiful artwork.”

Powers stresses that materials don’t need to be expensive or exotic; everything can easily be found at a local hardware store or online.

Garlands and wreaths are also unexpected ways to showcase a bit of natural beauty. Powers suggests braiding soft willow branches into bundles and then, before they’ve dried out, wiring them together for a wreath. Or collect dried leaves, pods and flowers from the backyard and string them onto a piece of thread for an eye-catching wall piece.

“I’ve always really enjoyed the way that plants and natural materials can soften the hard lines of our furniture,” Powers says. “I also find that they’re a nice sort of organic focus for our eyes … I find it brings a lot of peace, having plants around.”

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