Forever Framed

Forever Framed


Everyone has a prized possession, bet it an autographed football jersey, family portrait or piece of fine art. No matter what it might be, it deserves an in-the-spotlight place on your wall. First and foremost, however, it needs a frame that will protect it while on display.

“We talk about frames as being part of the furniture of a room,” says Marty Smith, owner of Middleton Art & Framing in Middleton, Wisc. “You want something that you’ll like over the long term.”

The perfect frame will take into consideration the piece of art that is to be framed, professional framers say.

Before Smith recommends a frame, he asks about the history of the piece of art or item. He needs to know how important it is to his customer. A particularly valued piece deserves a high-end frame that will last and protect the art.

“Sometimes it’s a 100-year-old picture of grandma. Sometimes it’s an expensive piece of art,” Smith says. “Both of those could be equally important to their owners.”

Ken Bowman, owner of Bowman’s Framing in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, says that he considers the room that will house the framed artwork, including the décor and furniture in that room.

Then there’s lighting – the type of light bulbs, placement and directionality help determine which frame will work best.

Only by knowing these details can professional framers steer customers toward the perfect frame for their art, Bowman says.

“Where the art will hang is just as important as what the piece is,” Bowman says. “It’s not just about picking the first frame, or the least expensive frame, you see. It’s about taking into account the piece you are framing and where it will be in a home. That is how you find the right frame.”

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