Fall for Guests

Fall for Guests

blog-image Place clean, folded bath towels on a guest bed to welcome guests and provide easy access to an essential item.

The late summer lull is the perfect time to think about planning the perfect guest room retreat for this fall’s holiday visitors. These ideas will help you go beyond the basic comforts and identify those extra touches that make guests feel at home.

“Your home is the place where you share the best of yourself with others. When your home is open and inviting it creates a mood and emotion that nurture all who enter,” says Jane Schwab, co-author with Cindy Smith of “The Welcoming House: The Art of Living Graciously” (Rizzoli, 2013). Schwab and Smith run the decorating firm Circa Interiors, with stores in Charlotte, North Carolina and Birmingham, Alabama.

The design duo’s philosophy: “A house with an open door is like a friend with an open heart: inviting, generous of spirit and constant to the core.”

So what should a proper guest room include? They say it is important to remember, “No matter the size of your guest room, just remember that comfort is key and preparation essential.”

Schwab and Smith are fans of those details that make a person feel welcome. “Chocolate and flowers are a special treat for your guest.”

During the summer as temperatures rise, they also recommend “bedside ice and extra water, plenty of towels and the option to control the thermostat.”

In the book, they cover “Guest Room Essentials”, which include the basics. “You want to provide your guest with as many comforts of home as possible. Comfortable bed linens with extra pillows, a space to stow a suitcase and a place to hang clothes, a bottle of water, shampoo and lotion, a lamp for reading and a place to charge electronics.”

Your home’s Wi-Fi password printed on a card on the nightstand can be a thoughtful touch.

Giving guests a taste of local history can help make a visit memorable. Printing out a list of nearby activities can be a way to give guests a sense of place.

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