Designer Inspirations: Front & Center

Designer Inspirations: Front & Center

As the saying goes, there are no second chances when it comes to first impressions. So pay close attention to the part of your home that guests see first: the front lawn. Follow these quick and easy tips to change your yard from blasé to beautiful.

Provide Curves

A ruler-straight walkway leading directly to your front door with planting beds running parallel to your home's foundation is just plain boring! A curving walkway provides more visual interest and softens the boxy shape of your home and property. Planting beds with curved borders gently guide the eye around the yard and looks more natural and inviting.

Take Charge of Overgrown Shrubs and Trees

Do you have to turn sideways to pass through parallel hedges on your front walk? Do you have to duck to avoid low branches on your way to your front door? Your home will look more inviting and well maintained if you trim overgrown shrubs.

Repair dangerous Walkways and Paths

Fix uneven sections of cement and loose bricks. You'll make it safe for your visitors and your yard will look well maintained.

Don't Be Shy About Your House Number

I hate it when I can't find a house because the numbers can't be read from the street! Place your house numbers in one or two prominent locations. House numbers in italic type or placed in a stair-step fashion are passé. Invest in large-sized (5" to 8") numbers and position them horizontally or vertically.

Project Your Personality

A professionally designed and installed landscape can still look dull. The gardens I appreciate most have sparkle and creative touches - they express the character of the inhabitants. Display a sculpture piece or ornament, place one or two unusual plants in your yard, or arrange some antique furniture on your front porch.


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