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Design Detail - Ottoman as Coffee Table

I think when you ask anyone to describe a coffee table, the first thing that comes to mind is, "well, it's a wood table with legs." And, yes, it can be, but there are certainly other options we can use as coffee tables that make it a functional and unique piece of furniture...for example, ottomans!

It might not be a first choice, but I love incorporating an ottoman in a living room or family room for that very reason. It's something different that breaks from tradition. Ottomans are especially great if you have small children in the home because it doesn't have any sharp corners. Many come with hidden storage, which is great to hide toys and books.

From a design perspective, an ottoman also introduces another texture in a space that will complement the main seating in the room. For example, if you have a leather sofa/loveseat, I suggest an upholstered (fabric) ottoman; if you have a fabric sofa/loveseat combo, then a leather ottoman would be a perfect addition.

The ideal thing to do if you're thinking of using an ottoman as a coffee table is to buy an oversized decorative tray to place on top, which gives you a stable surface to sit a drink on - especially practical when you're entertaining family/friends. And remember for those big parties, the ottoman coffee table can also double as additional seating.