Deck the Halls for Halloween


Deck the Halls for Halloween



Long gone are the days of cardboard cutouts and cotton spider webs. Lately it seems like Halloween is a yearlong holiday. Everything from classic literature to teen-pop films to salacious TV shows are dosed with vampire lore or zombie action – not to mention wizardry and magic. Whether it’s heart-warming spider cupcakes or sultry yet sinister martini glasses, decking the halls might involve some friendly bloodshed this All Hallows Eve. So it’s no surprise that this year’s crop of Halloween trimmings ditch the kitsch in favor of some truly inspired décor.

Wicked Wreathes

Formed with black roses and peppered with ghoulish skulls, this wreath is full of gothic inspiration. Sure, most would associate door wreathes with another, jollier holiday, but there is a nightmare before Christmas, isn’t there? Set out this devilish accent and let all who enter beware.

Creepy, Crawly Cupcake Holders

Cupcakes and cupcake accessories are certainly the trendiest confection (see Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars” for starters) and Halloween-themed sweets are no exception to the rule. Though you do have to put a little elbow grease into this bit of Halloween décor, the holiday magic is instantly gratifying. Two black jellybeans for eyes – nobody eats that flavor anyway – and you have instant cupcake spiders, ready to crawl into the hands of your eager trick-or-treaters.

Skeletons in Your Cocktail

These martini glasses by Pottery Barn offer a more subtle approach to celebrating the holiday. The black glassware set is perfect for entertaining as the witching hour approaches. Stems shaped like skeleton bones add a touch of the macabre to the already sophisticated vessels. Of course, if it’s TruBlood you’re sipping, all the better.

Glowing Ghosties

Tea lights are often the accent to delicate gardens or romantic summer strolls. This set by Crate and Barrel takes the enchantment of the miniscule candles and adds Halloween playfulness to the mix. Trail them out on the lawn as a ghastly beacon to trick-or-treaters, or light the living room for a night of horror flicks. As the night goes on, the light-up spirits will melt unique shapes.

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