Breakfast Nook as Playroom

Breakfast Nook as Playroom

Small kids need constant supervision and playing in their bedroom might not be too practical for the parent because the little ones are not in plain sight at all times.

The solution is to designate a space that's accessible to children in another area of the home, but that doesn't become "Toyland Central" for the adults either, so a good place to look is the breakfast nook!

Think about it, a breakfast nook is typically off the kitchen, which we all know is the heart of the home, and it's also near the family room. These are two spaces that families spend the most time in daily, so it's a good area to consider converting into an activity center for the kids where they can do arts & crafts, play games, even do homework, allowing mom and dad to continue with their household routines in the same room. 

The first step is to buy furniture that meets all the storage and organizational needs of the family. I'm a huge fan of these cubby-hole bookcases because they are very multifunctional. In the makeover featured in the photos, I used the bookcase horizontally and attached legs on the bottom to resemble a console table. The best part is you can leave the cubby holes exposed for a contemporary look, but you also have the option of adding doors, drawers, or baskets for a more tidy appearance. Use the baskets for art supplies, books, board games, and especially one to store all the small toy parts that inevitably end up underneath the sofa. 

Let your kids' imagination soar and inspire creativity by including an art easel and a children's table as their work area. Instead of traditional chairs, use small ottomans with upholstered covers that can easily be washed, and don't forget to include an area rug for them to play on and even toss pillows to sit comfortably on the floor as a fun twist. Finally, turn photographs of your children into artwork by enlarging the prints and placing them inside a matted frame. Candid moments make the best photos and helps personalize the space.