An Illuminating Eco-App

An Illuminating Eco-App

Looking for a handy app to give you lighting advice on the go? Light Bulb Finder by Eco Hatchery (free for iPhone or Android) lets individuals find the perfect environmentally friendly bulb for your usage and region.

Start by inputting a ZIP code to generate the average kilowatt hour cost of electricity in that city; adjust that cost as necessary. Then, [the app] asks users to input various criteria, such as the type of lighting fixture being used, bulb style, wattage, being replaced and number hours the bulb will be used.

Light Bulb Finder then generates a list of recommendations for bulb type with a summary of the savings that will result. Users can then buy bulbs directly through the app or save recommendations for shopping later at local retailers.

The app uses information from the Environmental Defense Fund, the Green Education Foundation, TreeHugger, eBay Green and others.

Light bulb choices will become even more important by 2012, the year that bulb manufacturers have to meet certain efficiency requirements and discontinue inefficient products. By 2020, bulbs must be 70 percent more efficient than they are now. Other countries are following suit.

Watch a video about Light Bulb Finder for Android phones and iPhones or download the app at


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