A Fresh Coat of Style

A Fresh Coat of Style

blog-image A freshly painted front door, especially in a bold color, provides a cheap, easy curb appeal upgrade.

Home exterior looking a little tired? If you’re looking to add some instant curb appeal – or just spruce up an aging home – there’s nothing better than a dab of paint. “It’s a simple recipe to make even the plainest home more interesting,” says Debbie Zimmer, design expert with the Paint Quality Institute.

To get the most bang for your buck, your home’s entryway is the obvious place to start. A coat of paint on your front door in a bold color that contrasts with the rest of your home’s exterior can be applied in day, and the results are immediate. "It's usually visible from the street so everyone sees it, and it's also where visitors first come face to face with your home,” Zimmer says.

Reds, greens and even black are front-door favorites, but don’t be afraid to branch out. Darker shades will hide smudges and scuffs better than bright colors, but brighter colors will make your home stand out. Plus, you can ensure that first-time visitors will find your home right away. (“It’s the one with the yellow door!”)

After the front door, shutters are the next most commonly painted part of a home’s exterior. Often they’re painted the same color as the front door, but that isn’t necessary. What’s most important is that they match your home’s siding.

Homes with architectural embellishments – often called “gingerbread,” especially on Victorian homes – can benefit from some other splashes of color.

When picking paint colors, drive around your neighborhood or nearby areas and look for homes with siding that’s the same color as yours. Take note of door or shutter colors that those homeowners have chosen, and then try to recreate those shades back home.

You can also visit your local paint store to take a look at the brochures they have available, Zimmer says. “These often show color schemes with four or five hues that work beautifully together," she says. "Find a palette that contains a color similar to your siding, then choose accent colors from the same palette for your doors, shutters, and trim."

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