6 Places That Create More Storage in a Small Bathroom

6 Places That Create More Storage in a Small Bathroom


When you have a bathroom that seems to lack much cabinet or closet space, where to store an extra bottle of shampoo could cause a minor crisis. But in even the tiniest bathrooms, there are secret pockets of storage space that let you maximize every inch.

But before you start exploring, do this: Get rid of the bathroom clutter.

“The less stuff you have, the less storage you’ll need,” says Donna Smallin Kuper, an organizational expert and author of “Clear the Clutter, Find Happiness” (Storey Publishing, 2014). Items to put in the trash: anything that’s expired like sunscreen and over-the-counter medications, and products you gave up on long ago. And think seriously about duplicates: Do you really need more than one pair of toenail clippers?

Besides decluttering, you’ll find more space:

1. Above the bathroom door

This is the place to install a wide shelf to store guest towels, extra blow-dryers and other items that aren’t in use that often. To add a decorative touch, store everything in pretty wicker or woven boxes.

2. On the back of the bathroom door

This is a clever spot to hang a shoe-organizer bag. No sandals or sneakers allowed in these holders! “The pockets are perfect for storing things like extra wash cloths and toiletries,” says Kuper.

3. Above the toilet

This often-neglected spot can hold a shelf for tissues, hand cream, or any items you want quick access to. Consider installing a floating shelf made of glass or painted wood that looks like it’s floating in the air – the hardware is out of sight.

4. On adjustable shelving in the vanity

“One thing that a lot of people don't think about is adjusting the height of the shelving in their vanities to better fit items and maximize storage space,” says Kuper. Medicine cabinets may have adjustable shelves too.

5. Under the sink

There’s plenty of room under the bathroom sink, so why not take advantage of it? “I use stackable clear plastic shoe boxes, labeled of course!” says Kuper. “I have one for first-aid items, one for travel-size toiletries, another for nail care, and a couple of others.” To keep the space looking tidy, use identical boxes, which will stack neatly and take up less space than a mishmash of boxes in different shapes and sizes.

6. In the medicine cabinet

If you’ve got a steel-framed medicine cabinet, get a magnetic organizer that adheres to the inside door. It’s ideal for storing small items like eye makeup and hair bands.

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