3 Tips for a Unique Headboard

3 Tips for a Unique Headboard

Bedrooms should be a retreat - the final resting spot after a long day, a place to shutout the world and relax. Which is why having a bedroom you love is of utmost importance. Want to give your bedroom a charming, personal update that won't break the bank? The headboard is a great place to start. Here, some creative bloggers share their tips on how to personalize a new or old headboard to make a big design statement.

1. Copycat

Tricia Goins, a Houston-area painter and the blogger behind Little Cottage on the Pond, loved the European inspired headboards by Ballard Designs, but the company's products didn't fit her budget. So she made her own version, customized with a personal flair.

To make her copycat headboard, she projected the outline of the original design onto a large piece of wood and cut the image out using a jigsaw. She recommends browsing furniture catalogs for ideas and going to a print shop to enlarge outlines or patterns.

2. Upcycle

A headboard doesn't have to start out as one. Get creative by repurposing raw or vintage materials you wouldn't normally think to use. Mantles, wooden pallet boards and even rustic windowpanes with the glass removed are among the most popular DIY headboard pins on social media site Pinterest.

If you're concerned about leaning back on a headboard with rough or pointed edges, you can hang the board of your choice behind your bed with strong wire instead of attaching it to the bed frame.

"The biggest safety precaution is making sure that the headboard is secure on the wall," says Adrianne Lentine in Phoenix, blogger at Dream Book Design. "Make sure your screws and anchors are strong, and then secure the headboard."

3. The Finishing Touch

Goins knew her headboard was complete when she added a small bird figurine to the top one of her headboard's finials, which she also installed. It's what makes her piece one of a kind.

She suggests stores like Hobby Lobby, Etsy and architectural salvage stores for the little pieces that make her furniture totally unique. Collect remnant wood pieces and other knick-knacks to really make your headboard pop.


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