3 Tips for a Luxurious Nursery

3 Tips for a Luxurious Nursery

With a few simple touches, soon-to-be parents can add elegance and transform a nursery into a space that's fit for a little prince or princess.

"Everyone is in the mood to make something a little more regal and elegant now that another royal baby has been born," says Samantha Winch, co-owner of Petit Tresor, a luxury children's boutique in West Hollywood that boasts celebrity clientele. Still, she recommends making sure that the decor in the nursery fits in with the aesthetic of the rest of the house and your personal tastes. "To make a really traditional-looking nursery in a modern house doesn't work really well."

1. Luxury All Around

Every new parent's nursery checklist should include a crib, a changing table and a glider. "The crib ultimately sets the tone, and the linen you put on the crib," says Michelle Freedberg, owner of Bellini Baby & Teen Furniture, New York City.

Bassinets, cradles with long skirts and fabric puddling on the floor, bows and ornate carvings lend themselves to lavish rooms. "I think most of us think grand when we think royal," says Ali Wing, former CEO and founder of Giggle, an online baby store. "To that end, cribs with stature feel more regal. Whether it's higher ends, a bigger footprint or a dramatic design, regal feels exaggerated."

2. Let In the Past

Heirloom furniture pieces are one way to achieve the royal look: Whether you spend big to acquire a hand-carved crib with silver leaf to pass on to future generations, or if you repurpose your grandmother's rocking chair for a timeless touch. Family heirlooms and even garage sale finds are more economical ways to add elegance. However, be sure to check the paint before adding anything to the nursery, and don't purchase a vintage crib, as safety standards have evolved considerably.

"Sometimes the pieces that have a little heritage to them, although they may not be in the most absolute perfect condition, that history lends itself to the real opulent royal design," says Gerri Panebianco, co-owner of Little Crown Interiors, which serves the Los Angeles and Orange County areas and designs for clients including celebrities. "Getting good furniture refurbished is very effective."

3. Gild the Lily

Pops of metallic and mirrored elements also up the sophistication of a nursery. Wallpaper, Venetian mirrors, fabrics and lighting are good places to splash the trend. For example, a crystal chandelier can double as a functional light source and an elegant statement. "One of the very simple elements that often exudes a level of luxury is to choose metallic finishes when possible," Panebianco says. "If you have a choice of getting some great knobs on your changing table, go with something that's going to be a little more opulent, something crystal."

Fabrics play an important role as well. A soft rug is another statement piece, as well as a great spot to play with your baby on the floor.

"Regardless of gender, white is a beautiful color, very soft, innocent," Winch says. "When we can, we like to suggest silks, which are very soft, and you can put those on [the baby] and they stay in place because of the texture. That makes a very regal look as well. Even a good-quality cotton can be good too, as long as it's soft and not too busy."

But no matter the style of the nursery, a little extra attention goes a long way. "Everybody sort of grows together there, so create a space that is comfortable and wonderful not only for the baby but also for the parents. Whatever compels the parents to spend a little extra time there, it's good for the baby," Panebianco says.


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