Volunteer in Your Community

Helping those in need is the perfect way to give back.  Whether you are caring for your next door neighbor or traveling across town to offer your support, being a volunteer is an important job. It may not pay in cash, but the rewards are rich in personal satisfaction and making human connections.

Click here to find volunteer opportunities right in your own community.  Volunteering gives you a chance to use your own skills or try something new.  Find an opportunity that feels right for you.  A few ideas include:

  • Musicians teaching free classes
  • Medical professionals spending their weekends helping kids with limited access to health care
  • Carpenters helping seniors complete repairs
  • Teachers visiting local shelters

The Clorox Company is pleased to join ION Television in supporting the efforts of caregivers.  You can trust Clorox Bleach in your everyday life. 

*Content sponsored by Clorox.