Conserve water and make every drop count

Did you know that every time you brush your teeth with the faucet running, you could be wasting up to 4 gallons of water? That’s almost 3,000 gallons of clean water a year per person. If every American family turned off the faucet while they brushed their teeth, it would save approximately 10 trillion glasses of clean water per year!

With 1 in 10 people worldwide - almost twice the population of the United States - lacking access to clean water, raising awareness for water conservation is more important now than ever.

Since 2013, Colgate has promoted water conservation awareness to more than one billion people with reminders on its packaging, in retail stores and through its "Bright Smiles, Bright Futures" program and #EveryDropCounts campaign.

With a presence in over 200 countries and territories, Colgate is committed to driving a global reduction in water waste across regions. Go to to find out more about water conservation and take the pledge to help preserve our world’s most precious natural resource! And, spread the word on social media using the hashtag, #EveryDropCounts.