Scott B.

I hope global warming stops getting worse every decade.

Bess S.

I hope that somehow we can stop all this senseless killing of our law enforcement personnel and our citizens.

Patricia S.

That there be PEACE in the world

Della S.

My hope is for a cure for cancer. Cancer is one of the scariest words in our vocabulary. ALL cancers. It seems like when someone says they have cancer, we almost give up hope on a cure before we know anything else about it. Right now I have two friends who have facial cancer and there is nothing they can do to save them. at this time, one is in a coma and the other is taking chemo just to try to put the cancer in remission. It leaves family and friends sitting by not being able to do anything but be there for them. We've come a long way in cures, but there is still a long way to go. I just hope in my lifetime they find cures.

Faye L.

I hope that I am not yet dead when democratic socialism is in play in the USA.

Lisa W.

To end the shame and silence that surrounds sexual assault and domestic violence. To create a culture where people discuss these issues openly, meet survivors with compassion and support, and do not tolerate this violence.

Dianna L.

My hope is that people recognize the importance of helping all American veterans find homes,jobs and the medical services they need and deserve.

Robin S.

I hope for a peaceful world.

Nicole B.

making a sustainable difference

Eron C.

I hope that everyone in the world can be happy. I hope people learn they can worship their families and not money.