Allison K.

My hope is that one day domestic violence an d sexual assault will be eliminated once and for all. Everyone deserves to and should always feel safe and loved. These crimes have gone on for far too long. #NOMORE

Ashley W.

For a world where sexual assault and rape victims can come forward without fear of prosecution

Emma B.

My hope is that one day, victim-blaming in sexual assault cases will become as strange as blaming a homicide victim for being murdered.

Sammi M.

To challenge the good ol boy mentality and be someone who demands respect for women through positive action rather than hurtful words.

Heidi S.

I hope there will be a cure for childhood cancer very soon so all children have a chance to live.

Robbin H.

For hunger to be relieved for the children of our country and abuse to be irradicated

Dee T.

I’m #SavingHope that our differences will become the source for creativity and innovation when we genuinely listen to each other.

Derek D. B.

I envision a world that compassionately tends to the needs of its people and is devoid of prejudice, ill-will and belligerence.

Alice K.

To eradicaste cancer in the very near future.

Helene M.

i hope that medical science will be able to cure autism in the near future. my granddaughter has a severe form of it, and were worried about what may happen to her in the future.