Erika N.

I hope that one day NO rape kit goes untested. I hope for reform in each state to track, log and test each and every rape kit recieved!

Abigail F.

To not only end excuses for Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Backlogging, but to end the stigma that these are "inappropriate" conversations for "adults only."

Laura M.

That we would love and take care of others.

Juanita M.

I hope for people to be more giving and understanding to others.

Dorothy S.

My hope is that our great nation learns to recognize the importance of bringing an end to domestic violence is the only way for our nation to survive.

Lisa H.

I hope that all of the backlogs of rape kits in the whole country get tested!

Michelle W.

My hope is for continued love and support for victims of sexual assault and rape.

Janice C.

I hope to one day see a world where every child has a safe, cozy bed to come home to, adults who love and care for them, and enough food to eat.

Abigail M.

I hope for violence against women to end and they receive the support they need to leave their relationship and encourage more women to do the same

Rachel E.

I hope that one day in the future everyone will be able to receive a good education