Alana C.

I hope for more woman and men to be able to stand up and say no more for domestic violence.

Abigail F.

My hope is to get to the place where we stop asking what a person is wearing when they got assaulted.

Amber M.

Peace. Love. Respect.

Austin B.

I hope that one day no kids will be going hungry.

Kris C.

DV perpetrators are held fully accountable for their actions, and victims of DV receive the support they need to heal and receive justice.

Valerie T.

My hope for the world is that we simply can learn to love one another better

Emma B.

My hopes for the future are for understanding, acceptance and peace. I want my children, their children, and beyond to live in a world where there is mutual respect and understanding amongst all people. I also hope for the banning of puppy mills, and fair and ethical treatment of all animals worldwide.

Robon W.

My hope is that some day we will learn to truly treasure and respect our children. And all children will grow up in a safe and loving environment. We will learn to put an end to child abuse in its many different forms.

Valerie B.

My hope is that there will be a final end to domestic violence and those trapped in this situation will find the courage to leave that abusive life and truly begin to LIVE.

Vanja S.

That everyone can feel safe wherever they are.