Abby F.

I hope one day every rape kit will be tested.

Terracheka B.

My hope is to bring my community together with love hope&peace and help everyone so no one would be left behind..A better environment to teach people wisdom and those without could see a future.. More of rebuilding bringing my city community as One

Abigail F.

My hope is one day "he comes from a good family" won't be a valid excuse.

Dana B.

I hope for real love.

Nicole B.

I hope for freedom

Hailey M.

That sexual assult rates will go down in the future for the sake of us and generations to come.

Karen D.

I hope we can all just LIVE AND LET LIVE. Doesn't seem that complicated.

Fran B.

My hope is that there will no longer be a rape kit backlog so survivors of sexual assault can receive the justice they so deserve. Beyond that I hope we can one day live in a world where sexual assault no longer exists.


that the government realize that we have our own problems here, and stop getting into the WORLD'S problems less!

Nicole B.

I hope for no more violence.