Paul B.

I chose feeding America, because we need to make sure everyone has enough food to eat!

Savannah S.

To help DV victims and sexual assault victims.

Kristi D.

I hope that I can give my daughter the very best! I hope that she follows her dreams and works hard to create the life that she imagines. I hope that she is always happy and healthy!!

Wendi H.

My hope is for a world that is free from domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse so that my daughter and all other children can grow up feeling safe.

Neida R.

My hope is that every human being would see their own magnificence and power

Lin R.

I hope one day race won't matter no more and everybody is truly equal. -Lin R.

Lauren B.

My hope is for all people to know the life-changing freedom and power that's found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Nicole B.

My hope is that we learn to embrace the victims of sexual assault, domestic violence & child abuse and that we eradicate these social issues! #NoMore

Kati K.

My hope is for a happy, healthy, fulfilling, and financially bettered future for myself and my family members.

Megan V.

I hope that one day the children in foster care systems will be viewed as children with equal needs as children with parents and a home.