Natalie C.

I hope that there will be better safety in the world. Like when I was a kid and could walk any where with no fear....

Marilyn G.

My hope it's that my daughter get help to finish her school she need support to be a child psicology

Kati K.

Love, happiness, and a prosperous new year for my family and myself.

Shawn D.

I hope that someday, people like my parents who worked hard but were not fortunate enough to work for a company that provides a pension can find a way to retire and enjoy their golden years.

Samuel C.

Treating each day with the additude my obstacles can be overcome inspite of past differences, dreams or always within reach if you continue to make grasps.

Anthony M.

My hope is coming home broke as i was yesterday and see the smiles of my children knowing that at least they can smile money or none.

Angela R.

I give hope that some day there will be no backlog of rape kits waiting to be tested.

Raelyn G.

To find a cure for MS and Chronic Lyme. I have 2 daughters that suffer from those diseases. It breaks my heart every day to see how they struggle and they are not alone.

Ellie C.

My hope is that one day the stigma surrounding childhood sexual abuse disappears. No child deserves to feel alone.

Carly M.

I hope to be an advocate for rape victims and children!