Parker .

Hope is the thing with feathers That perches in the soul, And sings the tune without the words, And never stops at all. - Emily Dickinson

Sharron D.

My hope is for everyone to move forward and it's okay to seek assistance if needed. If you can help others then do so without hesitation.

Kamal C.

I hope that my children will have appreciation for the education they were blessed with.

Kevin H.

My hopes and dreams for this universe world is to come together and accept each other for who they are and that we can all work together to solve problems of tomorrow together without war or hatred or prejudice or ignorance

Lynne G.

I hope my family is very happy this Christmas and I hope everyone stays nice and warm this holiday.

Terrie R.

My hope is that there will no more homeless people, families. Poverty will end and everyone has a job. We cant just help refugees and people who want to emigrate to our country. Help must be for everyone. If we can give them homes and jobs then we can do the same for American homeless, Veterans and widows. To end illness including cancer. This is my hope.

Colette J.

I hope there is housing for people, toys for all children, food on the table, and this world be peaceful without guns or bloodshed.

Robin S.

I hope for world peace

Maegan S.

I hope that everyone stays safe on the Holidays, and I wish for all harm to stop happening. I hope for everyone to have the best, and may God be with you. Whoever reads this please be safe this Christmas and the following.

Milagros F.

I hope peace for my world and prayed for those families that has a family member with Alzheimer disease...as my mom ..M.Franco