Sarah T.

People who stand up for what they believe. When they fight for others to live in peace.

C B.

The idea of my future children and grandchildren living in a world free from hate, discrimination, and violence, gives me hope.

Joanie J.

Faith and family gives me hope.

Heather M.

I hope we can change the way we understand and talk about violence, so that survivors are heard, shown compassion and are treated with dignity.

Debbie L.

Having faith and trust in God gives me hope.

Chris A.

My children being happy gives me hope for the future.

Linda D.

My hope is that all states will eliminate their rape kit backlogs., giving survivors hope that their attackers can be identified and prosecuted, resulting in justice for the survivor.

Jessica B.

I hope that one day rape, domestic violence and child abuse are no longer crimes perpetrators get away with.

Chris L.

I hope that as a country we can come together again

Maribel A.

Hope that one day we can all be who we are without fear of shame or ridicule. That society will finally see that we are all humans deserving of love and acceptance.