Ailin L.

When you're scared, when you're lonely, when you feel like things can't possibly get any better, remember, it's okay to feel like this. But the sun will always shine tomorrow and you are strong because behind your fear, is your courage.

Kirstie C.

As much as I know war will never stop for long, I hope that we will find a way to minimize the pain, death, and destruction that comes along with itm

William C.

I hope that we find a way to end mass shootings.

Ariana S.

I hope that gun control will be taken seriously by our government to prevent tragedies of epic proportions.

Rhonda C.

Organizations like no more & joyful heart foundation gives me major hope that there will be a better future & less domestic violence for women around the world.

Susan S.

My hope is that I will never again weep over the tragic deaths of young people due to senseless gun violence.

J R.

Random Acts of Kindness

Leslie C.

What gives me hope is knowing that I am making a difference in the lives of the people who come to my church's soup kitchen every week. Another thing that gives me hope is knowing that I have been able to help others by sharing my story of leaving an abusive relationship and giving out the number of my local domestic violence shelter.

Michelle H.

Mariska Hargitay, Maile Zambuto & Stefani Schaefer give me hope that Life is possible. That there is joy after terrible & horrific circumstances. You need to speak up & out. We can stop SA, DV & CA. I Love these ladies . I wish that someday I can personally thank them for saving my life. Giving me the courage to be brave. That I matter.

Mandy C.

Conversations on domestic violence give me hope in knowing other people want to help end it.