Marcella M.

My hope is for a world free of violence against all living things.

Suzanne M.

My Hope is that we will learn to love one another without boundaries despite our differences.

Jessica R.

My hope is that every service member, law enforcement officer, firefighter, and first responder return home to his/her family. My hope is that we thank those who continue to serve and honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. My hope is that we unite as a country to bring awareness to mental illness #stopthestigma.

Diane W.

I hope that we can focus our efforts on feeding people in our own country as well as developing countries. I also hope for clean water for those countries that don't have access to any.

Tessa P.

My hope is that survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence and child abuse will get justice in every state. Thank you Mariska Hargitay for helping survivors like me. My hope is to meet and thank you in person. I'm sharing my story because of you.

Terri L.

I hope we find a cure for cancer.

Hiba S.

I hope that everyone gets to fall asleep on a full stomach.

Teresa K.

I hope for a country and world where we say #NoMore to domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse.

Melane L.

I live in California, I'm hoping for rain, lots and lots of rain!

Leslie N.

My hope is that all across the our country the rape kit backlogs would be eliminated. Every survivor matters. #EndTheBacklog